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WFRP: Realms of Sorcery

WFRP: Realms of Sorcery

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The essential magic sourcebook for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

Master the Art of Magic!

The Winds of Magic blow south from the Realms of Sorcery and only those with the knowledge and talent can master them. This massive volume offers unprecedented detail on all things magical in the Empire, from the history of the Orders of Magic to the lives of Witches and Hedge Wizards. Though distrusted, reviled, and even feared, Wizards have proved time and again to be capable allies in the ongoing struggle against Chaos. In revealing all the secrets about the Colleges of Magic, this sourcebook serves as an invaluable resource for those seeking the paths of wizardry or for those looking to acquire the tools needed to defeat them. Inside this massive tome you will find:

  • Scores of new spells for each Wind of Magic?from Boiling Blood to Mockery of Death.
  • Exhaustive information on all the Colleges of Magic, examining their history, goals, key figures and more!
  • Details on Dark Magic and its practitioners, including new careers such as the Witch and the Warlock.
  • Expanded Tzeentch's Curse.
  • Arcane Marks for the Magisters of the Magical Orders.
  • New rules for researching rituals, brewing potions, and binding familiars.
  • New potions like Debauch's Friend and the Potion of Pain Denied with extensive new rules for potion spoilage.
  • New magic items including the Black Skull of the Caliph and the Fauschlag Ring.
  • Exciting new guidelines for mastering Runemagic with runes like the Rune of
  • Breaking and the Master Rune of Kingship.
  • An extensive overview describing the nature of magic.
  • A historical look at the origins of the Colleges of Magic in the Empire.
  • Details on the role magic plays in the Empire, including views and attitudes of
  • Old Worlders from all levels of society.
  • Full disclosure on renegades and how the Empire deals with them
  • A complete adventure by T.S. Luikart, A Brutal Finish.
  • A new short story, Easy Meat, by Robert Earl!

    The perfect companion to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Realms of Sorcery is an indispensable addition for players and game Masters alike, expanding how magic functions in the Old World.

    Do you hear the Winds of Magic blowing? (from the back cover)

    This is a 256 page hardcover book with color and black and white illustrations throughout. Use of this book requires the Warhammer FRP Core Book.

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