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Labyrinth: Ludo Plush - Original Edition (2012)

Labyrinth: Ludo Plush - Original Edition (2012)

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Toy vault has created this wonderful reproduction of the character Ludo from the movie Labyrinth. Sarah (the heroine of Labyrinth) finds Ludo being tortured by goblins and saves him. After this Ludo faithfully follows Sarah and helps in her quest to save her little brother Toby from the Goblin King. Though Ludo looks menacing with his glum face and large pointy teeth, he is actually a gentle, loveable giant and that makes him a perfect candidate for a plush toy.

Ludo has shaggy brown fur, dark brown hands, feet, and horns, and a light brown face with two brown plastic eyes, a dark brown frown, and two white fabric teeth. On the back of the plush there is a 4 inch shaggy brown tail. All in all, he makes quite an excellent little soft and squeezable plush. 

We only have one complaint with this particular plush toy. Toy Vault and many others online measure this toy as a 9 inch plush. We measure it as 7.5 inches tall from head to toe. Please note that this is the measurement when the legs are extended. When sitting down, it measures just over 6 inches tall. His other measurements are roughly 5.5 inches wide by 3 inches thick.  

This is a brand new plush from the manufacturer with original tag attached.

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