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Bootleggers: Mobsters, Money, and Mayhem

Bootleggers: Mobsters, Money, and Mayhem


This ain't no game, see. If you want to run this town you need money. And money means whiskey. The mug that controls the whiskey, controls the town. Build a still and buy trucks so you can get the hooch to the speakeasy. Use your muscle to control the speakeasies and decide which trucks get unloaded. If anyone gets in the way let me do the talking. (from the back cover)

Build a bootlegging empire that deals with all three parts of the supply chain, production, shipping, and consumption. But watch out for your competition or they will muscle you out of the whiskey business, maybe for good.

Bootleggers (by Eagle Games) is a game for 3 to 6 players. Average play time is 90 minutes. It comes with over 140 plastic miniatures (mobsters, trucks, and even a copper).

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