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Carcassonne: The Tower

Carcassonne: The Tower


Ever upwards in Carcassonne! In this expansion, players have the opportunity to build upward! The lords of the region around Carcassonne erect towers to strengthen and promote their power and influence. They employ followers to stand guard on the towers, watching over the land so they can inform their lords of all who travel and move throughout the area. Players may capture opponents' followers, holding them in prison. Later, the players may arrange a prisoner exchange, to the advantage of the players involved. Also, a player may arrange to pay ransom for the return of an imprisoned follower. Fans of Carcassonne will enjoy the new tactical opportunities offered by this expansion. The expansion also includes a special tower for storing the landscape tiles, giving players a convenient way to draw tiles during the game. (from the back of the box)

Carcassonne The Tower includes 18 new landscape tiles, 30 stackable wooden tower blocks, 1 landscape tile tower, and an instruction sheet.

Carcassonne The Tower is not a stand alone game. The original Carcassonne game is required in order to use The Tower.

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