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Carthage: The First Punic War - The Ancient World Vol III

Carthage: The First Punic War - The Ancient World Vol III

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The Ancient World system moves to The Punic Wars, the greatest event in the ancient world and a true turning point in history. Carthage concentrates on Punic events that take place in Carthage/Africa as well as Sicily, with the main scenario being the massive First Punic War. Building on the popular mechanics and systems of Rise of the Roman Republic (Vol I), Carthage includes the full, advanced naval system, with galley battles, fleet building expanding ports, and everything featured in the unusual, truly naval war that was the First Punic War. In addition, the detailed political systems for both powers, the soul of the game and a set of mechanics that truly puts the players in the heart of ongoing events, are expanded and clarified. With the addition of rules for the reduction and repair of city defenses, militia, and the ability of garrisons to sally, sieges are now more than just sideshows.

Carthage still uses The Ancient World's unique combat system, with it unusual unpredictable results, elephants, cavalry pursuit, and the dangers of fighting too many battles. Carthage's main scenario is, of course, the First Punic War, a twenty year affair that will take some time to play, but keep you entranced for years. The game also includes quick, one evening scenarios, including the playtester two-turn favorite Hiero; Hero or Gyro?, the twisty opening year of the First Punic War. We also have short scenarios for the first invasion of Carthage by Agathocles of Syracuse (311 BC) and the infamous Mercenary War that erupted in Carthage right after the First Punic War (241 BC).

Carthage contains one full-sized map - the slightly redone Italy map (we've expanded rivers to a three-tiered system and corrected some tangential map errata) - plus a half-map for Carthage and Africa. The 1100+ full-color counters include every Roman magistrate of the era plus lots of Libyans, Numidians, Egyptians, Iberians, Celts ... if they were there, they're in this game. Also, part of the game package is a expanded group of play-aid charts, prompted by playtester insistence, to help keep track of the many details that campaigning can require.

Carthage is the Punic War's game that ancients and gaming aficionados have been waiting for since the beginning of the wargame hobby. Detailed and demanding, it provides players with a highly playable level of insight, decision-making, and just pure fun.
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Carthage is designed for 1 to 2 players (high suitability for solitaire play). The game includes 1120 counters, 1 22 x 33 inch game map of Italy, 1 17 x 22 inch game map of Carthage, 1 Ancient World Series rule book, 1 Carthage rule book, 2 tables and charts folders, 1 ten sided die, and several table and chart displays for a variety of game events and objects. GMT rates Carthage: The First Punic War as a complexity of 6 out of 9 and a solitaire suitability of 7 out of 9 (higher scores mean more complex and more suitable for solitaire play).

GMT Games is a successful publisher of numerous award-winning war game titles. Whether you are a Grognard or new to war games, you will appreciate GMT's high quality components and the extensive research that backs up their games.

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