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Cthulhu Plush: Hand Puppet

Cthulhu Plush: Hand Puppet

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Puppets. Who doesn’t love puppets? Cute, fuzzy, entertaining to children, soul stealing, able to summon Shoggoths… wait… what? Ok, we admit this isn’t your typical cute and fuzzy puppet. No this is an entirely different type of cute and fuzzy. This is cute and fuzzy with more than a bit of old and evil overtones. This is H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu in hand puppet form from Toy Vault!

Presented in all his plush green glory here, Cthulhu the hand puppet stands about 17 inches tall and has a wingspan of 12 inches. With enough space for even a large hand, the two arms and 4 tentacles can be easily manipulated by those with 6 fingers (for those with less than six fingers, you may have to make decisions about which you want to work with but it is still quite easy to manipulate your choices).

Entertain your friends and family. Hear them wake screaming from the nightmares throughout the night. Be waiting in their room when they do wake. Watch them slowly descend into madness as you manipulate your cute and fuzzy Cthulhu puppet, the same madness you will have already succumbed to by taking on the role of puppet “master.” Nothing to be concerned about here… just place your order now and begin spreading the joy of Cthulhu in your neighborhood right out of the box as soon as it arrives.*

*no assembly required; animated by energy from you and possibly your soul; voice initially provided by you, though if chosen external voice may later be channeled through you; nightmares may occur frequently in user and viewers; may scare away other human contact if used daily; random Shoggoths may be sighted in your neighborhood; small and/or large pets and other humans may disappear in local area; sanity loss likely to result from continued exposure; in the event you form a strong connection with your Cthulhu puppet, cultists may appear on your front lawn and violent attacks by misunderstanding investigators could become common; coercion of local authorities may be required (remember to effectively use the cultists). Ask your witch doctor if Cthulhu the hand puppet is right for you.

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