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Cthulhu Plush: Medium Cthulhu with Screaming Sound

Cthulhu Plush: Medium Cthulhu with Screaming Sound


It was a song, but not the song of any voice. Night and the spheres sang it, and it was old when space and Nyarlathotep and the Other Gods were born. from The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath by H.P. Lovecraft

What could be better than a Cthulhu plush? The answer, why screaming Cthulhu plush of course! Simply squeeze the adorably soft belly of the plush Great Old One and hear his call of terror. While it is not quite the equal of the Great Old One himself, it will have to do us mere mortals until such time as Cthulhu wakes from his sleep in R'lyeh. At 12 inches of height and 12 inches of wingspan, Screaming Cthulhu from Toy Vault will be a stimulating part of your daily plush veneration.

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