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Dvonn is a challenging stacking game with very simple rules. It is played on an elongated hexagonal board, with 3 red Dvonn pieces. 23 white pieces, and 23 black pieces. The players must try to control as many pieces as possible by building stacks, preferably by jumping on top of their opponent's pieces. While doing so, pieces and stacks must remain linked to the red DVONN pieces. If not, they are out of the game! When no more moves can be made, each player puts his stacks on top of each other. The player with the highest stack wins the game! (from the back of the box)

Dvonn is a game for 2 players ages 9 and up. It plays in 15 minutes on the average. Dvonn contains 23 white pieces, 23 black pieces, 3 dvonn pieces, 1 game board, and 1 rulebook.

Originally published in Europe by Don & CO NV, this English language version posted here is the US release from Rio Grande Games. Dvonn is the fourth game in the Project GIPF series (the GIPF project was about creating a system that makes it possible to combine games in the series - or even other games completely - to form more complex and challenging games).

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