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Godzilla 50th Anniversary Plush Toy

Godzilla 50th Anniversary Plush Toy


In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Toho Company Ltd's famous "King of the Monsters" Godzilla, Toy Vault has created the very first Godzilla plush toy to ever be made with lights and sound! Simply push on the chest and hear him roar three times as his lights flash red.

Toy Vault did a fantastic job on this plush. With a nicely textured deep green body, clear plastic eyes that light up red, nicely shaped felt ridges that run along the back and tail, and very well done sound effect this plush toy is sure to impress any fan of Godzilla. While not quite 30 stories tall, the plush version here measures 12 inches tall (30 cm) and has a length of about 23 inches (58 cm) from nose tip to tail tip.

If you are a fan of the King (and we don't mean that guy in the sequined white jumpsuit), then this is a must own item. Get your own Godzilla 50th Anniversary Plush today!

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