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Modern Art: High Stakes Bidding in the Galleries

Modern Art: High Stakes Bidding in the Galleries


Going once… going twice…sold!

You're now the proud owner of a fine work by an aspiring new artist. Who knows… He could become the next Picasso! Of course, he could also be the next Trueba.

What? You've never heard of Trueba? Don't worry, no one has. He all but disappeared after his first painting sold for… oh, about the same price you just paid. Not to worry though, I'm sure yours will be worth something.

Welcome to the high-risk world of art auctions! You seek to earn profits by selling the works of un-and-coming new artists. Players take turns running auctions of different styles, with the highest bidders claiming the artwork to sell at the end of the round. But the value of the painting is based not only on the popularity of the artist, but also on the success of his earlier works!

The goal is to have the most wealth at the end of the fourth round of auctions. Do you have the insight to invest in the artists that will have the most staying power throughout the auction season? Can you manipulate the art market so that your favorite artist will give you the greatest return? Or will you be forced to auction off your most valuable pieces just to keep the doors of your gallery open?

Earn glory and respect for your internationally renowned gallery by outwitting your opponents in the high-stakes world of modern art!
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Modern Art is designed for 3 to 5 players ages 8 and up. It plays in roughly 30 to 45 minutes on the average.

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