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The Target

The Target


Get classic cloak and dagger action in this cold-war era deduction game. In the Target, you are either a CIA or KGB agent trying to deposit sensitive intel to your agency’s headquarters. Use cutting-edge espionage techniques to ascertain who is with you and who is the enemy. Assassinate your enemies to prevent them from talking. But be careful, the one you trust may be a double agent. (from the back of the box)

The Target includes 2 Headquarter place holders, 16 Affiliation Cards, 12 ‘Top Secret’ Envelopes, 4 Deck Trays, 1 Rookie Deck (96 Cards), 1 Operative Deck (36 Cards), 1 Espionage Deck (40 Cards), 1 Intel Deck (34 Cards), 36 Clearance Tokens (3 Colors), 1 Target Marker, and 1 Operative Training Manual. This is a game designed for 5 to 12 players, ages 10 and up. It plays in anywhere from 45 to 120 minutes.

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