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Vampire: Requiem Chronicler's Guide

Vampire: Requiem Chronicler's Guide

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"My story is the same as every vampire's: blood, pain and the dance. Only thing that makes me special is the way I tell it."

- Rembrandt, The Vampire of Druid Hill

This book includes:

  • Guidelines for new and old Storytellers alike, making it easy and exciting to create your own unique Vampire chronicles.
  • New ways to play Vampire, including new game mechanics and optional rules to redefine your Storytelling experience.
  • A dozen ready-to-use chronicle seeds with stories and antagonists for Storytellers to customize for their own use. (from the back cover)

    This is a 192 page hardcover book with black and white illustrations throughout.

    Use of this book requires the World Of Darkness Storytelling System Rulebook and the Vampire: The Requiem Rulebook.

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