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When Darkness Comes: The Most Dangerous Game

When Darkness Comes: The Most Dangerous Game


The world of espionage is full of hidden moves and countermoves, lies and half-truths, friends who may be enemies, and danger in every form, from natural to man made. This is a world that few members of the public ever see and those who work in it do not discuss. This is the world of the spy, the most dangerous game.

When Darkness Comes: The Most Dangerous Game is the result of two great companies efforts, Twilight Creations and Alderac Entertainment Group. A combination of When Darkness Comes and Spycraft, this game box let players enter the world of Spycraft as a spy. The game uses the Variable Tile System, so the gameboard changes each time it is played.

This boxed set includes a rulebook, a scenario book, 8 tiles, and 48 disks.

The Most Dangerous Game is an expansion to the When Darkness Comes: The Awakening box set and it does require the use of that set to play.

According to Twilight Creation's web site this game is "Out of print and no longer available as of January 1, 2006," meaning we have some of the last sealed copies available.

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