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World of Darkness: Mysterious Places

World of Darkness: Mysterious Places

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"Realms Foul and Forgotten. Down neglected roads or beyond hidden doors lie places in the World of Darkness that are best left unknown. These mysterious locales, tainted sites and corrupt settings all bear the mark of some unmentionable crime or horrific transgression. Ordinary people go ignorant to the existence of these places, all the better to preserve their mortal, fragile minds. The wary, brave or foolish glimpse the truth and can't turn away, and challenge their very fate by setting foot on unhallowed ground."

- From the dictated notes of the unpublished Sasquatch by deceased author David Hicks

This book includes:

  • Inspiration for a game intended for mortal characters, but a game just as frightening and bizarre for monstrous characters.
  • The mystery of the World of Darkness grows with nine disturbing settings to explore at your gaming table.
  • A great prequel to Vampire, Werewolf, and Mage chronicles. (from the back cover)

    This is a 136 page hardcover book with black and white illustrations throughout.

    Use of this book requires the World Of Darkness Storytelling System Rulebook.

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