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Zombies 3.5: Not Dead Yet

Zombies 3.5: Not Dead Yet


You need some bullets in a bad way. Ducking in to the gun store you see stacks of ammunition just waiting to be picked up. Soon, you'll be back on the streets wasting zombies and headed out of this crazy town. Confidently striding into the building you can already feel the air from the helicopter blades lifting you to freedom. Then the lights go out and you're standing in the pitch black store, unable to even see your hand let alone grab a single piece of ammo. Was that movement behind you? (power outage card: no one can pick up anything until the end of card player's next turn)

Power outage is just one of the twenty-five all new cards you will find in Zombies 3.5!!! Not Dead Yet. This boxed set is an expansion for the Zombies board game by Twilight Creations. The set includes a total of 50 event cards (2 each of 25 brand new cards) and new deck construction rules that allow you to build customized community or individual player decks.

Zombies 3.5 requires the use of the original Zombies!!! board game.

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